Weaves & Blends..... well-oiled organization

Established in 2002, Weaves & Blends is a company whose success stems from the management system rooted in its well integrated growth. This translates into respectable sales, as well as strong profitability.

Our customers' loyalty has enabled us to build a well-established company in a short span of time, with a good clientele base in Europe, UK, South-East Asia, Australia and the United States.

weaves and blendsPRODUCTS:
The collection is designed, manufactured and distributed under the Company's own brand name, Weaves & Blends.A well-integrated workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, with a complete in-house facility for weaving,

Meghna Thapa PAUL
Meghna Thapa PAUL
Sapna Bajracharya LAMA
Sapna Bajracharya LAMA

spinning, dyeing, printing, embroidery and tailoring enables the Company to produce products of optimum quality. Our main line is fine cashmere and we also work with other natural fibers like, Fine Katan Silk, Raw Silk, Linen, Bamboo, Modal, Cotton, Soya and often blend these with cashmere.

product line includes:arrow

ACCESSORIES (for men and women):
Scarves, Stoles, Shawls

Throws, Blankets, Cushion covers, Fabric, Lounge wear

KNITWEAR (for men, women and children):
Sweaters, Scarves, Blankets, Cushion covers, Hats

GARMENTS (for men, women and children):
Jackets, Coats, Robes, Shirts, Blouses

The Company also has additional resources to meet the specific requirements of clients wanting to develop their designs. The Designers of the Company frequently travel overseas to do extensive studies on weaving patterns, textiles and techniques prevalent in the International markets and thereafter work on integrating them with the Nepalese techniques.

Each year the Company participates in three of the most prestigious International Accessory Tradeshows, in Paris and New York.

We assure our clients of best quality products at most competitive prices, supported by excellent service.

For any further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

The Collection :
Each season inspires Weaves & Blends to re-invent new textiles in synchrony with the changing times. Building on favorite themes and propelling them forward, the collections are nurtured under the influence of designers and management - Sapna Lama and Meghna.

The collection is a fine range of luxurious handloom cashmere & cashmere blends products. Using only natural fibers, together with the skill, technique and the precision of traditional craftsmanship, the products of WEAVES & BLENDS are styled to captivate and symbolize the contemporary spirit.

The collection is characterized by a profusion of colors, blends, prints and distinctive textures.